We have absolutely LOVED every bit of PMRCCC. It is incredibly difficult to leave your child for the day with another person. And yet, every educator we have encountered has loved and cared for L just as much as we would hope; they have noticed her characteristics and her likes; they have followed their intuition; they have tended to her every need and as a result, she has developed into a bright, happy little girl.

Nicole and Daniel de Vries


I feel that the program in PMRCC is second to none.  My two boys have learned so much during their time in PMRCC. They are in a secure learning environment, and do a huge variance of activities to expand their minds. I also love how all the cultures are celebrated, and how they get to do extra curricular activities such as swimming and soccer. Our eldest O— has learned so much since he started at PMRCC in 2015 and I know L— is also learning lots since he started last year.



Our son has attended Pine Mountain Road since 21 months and is now in his final year as a Kindergarten student. We absolutely love this centre and could not recommend it more highly.

Throughout the last 3 years, we have gotten to know almost every educator, director, student-teacher and kitchen staff. Each and every one of them greets my child by name whenever they see him and each valuable staff member has played an important role in his education there. 

During the first few weeks of being at PMRCC, our son suffered a seizure while at daycare and required urgent medical attention and to be transported to hospital. Not only were the staff extremely competent in first aid and following the centre’s medical procedures, they ensured I was notified as soon as he became ill, they accompanied him in the ambulance and calmed one very distressed mother once I got to the hospital. From that moment, I knew I had chosen the best possible care for our child. To know that in an actual emergency,  he was in capable hands was a huge relief.  

Moving up through the age groups and onto Kindy, the educators have continued to nurture and encourage our child and provide the highest quality education along with daily communication to parents on what the children have been working on; including photos and lesson and meal plans.

The centre’s facilities, nutritious meals, friendly and very competent educators make Pine Mountain Road the perfect choice for anyone looking for the best child care around.

Many Thanks

Amy Pinwill


We began our journey with Pine Mountain Road Childcare Centre when our oldest daughter started back in 2012. Our two younger daughters have also attended.

Our two older girls are now thriving at “big school” and I believe a large part of their success is because of the quality program they’ve been exposed to in their childcare years.

The program offered is fantastic and fun with my children being engaged in a variety of hands on activities, but also plenty of time for “free play”.

The best part about this centre is the quality staff. The educators are professional and have always been caring and nurturing with my children. Daily learning stories are sent through email and an easy to use App. The App also makes it easy to notify of absences and send other important information.

I cannot speak highly enough of Debbie, Cheerie and the whole team at PMRCC. I have to admit I will be more than a little sad when our youngest finishes next year.

Rebecca Humphries

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