Service Goal

Pine Mountain Road Child Care aims to provide a friendly environment where children feel safe and secure. Along with this, parents and other family members feel supported in the knowledge that their children are respected and given every opportunity to develop to their full potential. We aim to do this by providing a high quality program based on observations of individual needs, group needs and developmental stages. The centre aim to provide an environment that reflects multicultural and non-sexist attitudes, as well as operate in accordance with the Education and Care Services National Regulations. We are proud to boast that this service has been successfully assessed against the National Quality Standards for Early Childhood Education and Care meeting all 7 Quality Areas.

Pine Mountain Road Child Care Educational Philosophy

 Educational Philosophy

We believe the foundations laid in the early childhood years are crucial to a child’s being, belonging and becoming. We have developed educationally appropriate programs that support the Early Years Learning Framework and Kindergarten Guidelines while acknowledging the importance of learning through play.

It is our strong belief that each child is given the opportunity to evolve and develop in an environment which supports and develops their individualism as well as nurturing their strengths, aspirations and sense of self.

It is our aim to provide an open and friendly environment where all parents/educators and children feel accepted and wanted regardless of culture, religious and family beliefs, socio-economic status, gender or abilities.

  • We believe in closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians through awareness and education.
  • We value what each individual has to offer to our service and encourage all to share the same.
  • Recognise the family unit as the primary educators in a child’s life and value the role of this unit in the service program and policy decisions.
  • Offer equal opportunities to access programs, resources and activities without prejudice to all children.
  • Offer to all children equal access to whatever it is they require, developing and growing in a way that is meaningful to them and meets their needs, abilities, talents and special requirements.
  • Committed to the care of all children and therefore maintain strong links with the wider community to ensure that the care we provide is based on current early childhood trends and facts.
  • Value the diversity of Australian culture and actively encourage outside influences and ideas.
  • Aim to make the transition from home to service as smooth and meaningful as possible for both child and parent/guardian.
  • We aim to communicate on varying levels with all parents about their child’s progress and accomplishments.
  • We believe in open lines of communication based on mutual respect and a desire to promote each child’s learning and well-being.

At Pine Mountain Road Child Care we strive to develop trust, respect and responsibility among all relationships

We value the need of the child as paramount and strive to remain open so that all voices can be heard, all possibilities realized and all potential fulfilled.

Pine Mountain Road Child Care Centre is located in Mt Gravatt East and we provides fantastic day care, early learning, kindergarten and preschool services to wonderful children from the suburbs of Carindale, Carina, Mt Gravatt, Holland Park, Wishart and surrounding suburbs.

We have vacancies so give us a call on 07 3349 4609 to talk more about how we can play, laugh and grow with your little one or little ones!

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Our Educational Philosophy provides child care services for families in Mt Gravatt, Wishart, Carindale